Cancer Aware Massage

  • Section 1: Cancer Aware Foundations
    Being Cancer Aware, What is Cancer, General Psychological Impact of Cancer, Evidence-base for Massage and Cancer, Foundations to Adapting a Massage for Clients Touched by Cancer.
  • Section 2: Linking Side Effects from Anti-Cancer Treatments to Massage
    Anti-Cancer Therapies and Key Side Effects, Key Side Effects to the Body and Its Systems, Linking Massage Adaptations to General Side Effects from Anti-Cancer Therapies, The Lymphatic System, Lymphedema Aware, Therapist and Establishment Hygiene.
  • Section 3: Developing a Personalized Session
    Foundations of a Client Consultation, Things to Consider with other Types of Medications, Understanding the Long-term Effects of Anti-Cancer Therapy, End of Life and Therapist Self-Care.