“Like most things in life, the more time and effort you put in to the Cancer Aware training, the more benefit and reward you will get out of it” — Julie Bach


How much time do I need to commit to Cancer Aware training?

The first 3 modules are time intensive, simply because there is a lot to know about about cancer in a manner that is applicable to your spa or wellness facility.  Modules 4 and 5 introduce Mindfulness, Compassion and Taking Care of You, important topics that are easy to watch and up to you where you will take them in the treatments room and in your personal life. Modules 6 and 7 require you to watch the “how-to-videos”, study the protocols, and then apply this knowledge.  It is in the application of learning that requires the most amount of time – during and after the training.

Additional factors that will impact the amount of time you will need for Cancer Aware training:

  • Your current experience and skill level
  • Your current expertise as a business owner
  • Your current awareness about supporting clients with cancer in addition to how quickly you process new information and incorporate new techniques into your existing protocols
  • Your ability to complete all of the modules

Even though we have presented the training material in a simple and easy to learn manner, there is a lot of information to learn and process. Dedicating time and attention will be essential.

Will Cancer Aware training work for me? I’ve taken other classes with no result. How is this training different?

This is IMPORTANT! No business grows solely because you completed a training program. Success requires that you take focused action beyond the training. With Spafinder Wellness 365’s commitment to create a new Cancer Aware category, your business will ramp up more quickly, customers will find you sooner and providers willrefer to you faster.
We have also created a quick-start marketing module that you will receive when you are granted access to the Cancer Aware training. This program includes short videos that will enable you to set up the appropriate course of action for you and your business, which will guide you toward success.

Do I gain access to the entire program all at once?

No. The Cancer Aware curriculum is carefully designed, enabling you to complete each module and action plan in order. This is a proven method of learning and it is vital that you follow this process. Every step has been designed to give you time to digest the information and provide you with tips, tools and techniques to maximize your long term results.
If you want to move through the program at a faster pace you may as indicated by the watch next video in each module.  However, we advise that you take the time to thoroughly digest the information.

I have a very focused Skin Care/ Massage practice – can Cancer Aware help me?

Yes. As long as you work with people in your practice, this training will benefit you!

You cannot predict if or when your existing client may experience cancer. You can predict the relationship with that client and it should not end because of cancer. The core foundation of the Cancer Aware training is to make you, your messaging, your communication and your business processes more useful to existing and future clients. Doing this includes utilizing tools, techniques and frameworks for working with clients who are or have experienced cancer.

Can I purchase only a portion of the program because I only need help with...

No. The only option is to invest in the full Cancer Aware Training. However, you can opt to purchase only certain Tracks: Massage, Skin Care, Manicuring. So that you do not miss anything, we recommend the full suite, OR either Massage/Skin Care or Skin Care/Manicuring Purchase Options.

Do you offer LIVE trainings or Refresher Courses for CE credit?

Yes.  We have been offering live classes for 7 years.

We do offer a LIVE, 16 hour hands-on practicum and refresher class for individuals who have taken our class or another class.  This class is approved for 16 CE hours with NCTMB. Approved provider #791817.

What about CE credit and refund policy?

Pending approval, licensed massage therapists will receive 24 CE hours through NCTMB upon completion of material and passing the test at the end of the training. If you do not pass the test a second test will be administered or you may attend one of our live trainings and do a practicum.

We also provide the option for you to attend a live practicum and refresher class for individuals to receive 8 CE credits with NCTMB. Approved provider #791817

Refund Policy:  Since our class is significantly reduced below market value, we do not offer refunds.

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