Cancer Aware Foundations-16 hours

Training is evidence-informed and provides a lasting framework to personalize services for guests in cancer treatment, out of treatment, in remission, or nearing the end of life.


Trainings: 9am GMT on Tuesday and Thursday

Trainings are conducted in English

Trainers include: Horacio Albarran and Julie Wren

Latin America

Trainings: Tuesday and Thursday at 10am, Mexico City Time.

Trainings will be conducted in Spanish

Trainers include: Adriana Azuara, Horacio Albarran, Karina…

Middle East/India/Africa

Trainings: Tuesday and Thursday 10 am New Delhi Time

Training is conducted in English

Trainer includes: Mahesh….  


Everything we do is Custom

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Training for a Solid Foundation

  • Textbook (9 hours)
    At the core of the homestudy training is the 12 Module Textbook. 
  • Access to Regional Trainer (5 hours)
    Scheduled days Tuesdays and Thursdays for 5 Sessions beginning April 14th.
  • Online (2 hours)
    Online lectures and videos to supplement lectures and textbook. We are currently shortening existing online lectures.
  • Handouts and Activities to help reinforce critical thinking